Poker Cruises

For most poker lovers, poker cruises make one of the most treasured and memorable moments of their life. If your loved one has been nagging you to take him or her for cruising to the Alaska, Bahamas, Mexican Riviera or Hawaii, a poker cruise ensures that all your dreams are met and satisfied. Booking and experiencing a once in a lifetime poker cruise is as easy and enjoyable just like reserving an airline flight. There is a high probability that you will need at least your birth certificate or a passport with embossed seal. You have many options available at your disposal on where you want to cruise.

Nowadays, most cruise lines usually offer car parking places, just like you would expect in an airport. Also, means are included in the cabin prices and you can eat everything you have ever wished all day long. Room service is provided on a 24 hour basis. While you will encounter some extra costs such as parking, port fees, tips and taxes, the main expense when it comes to poker cruises is booking a shipboard cabin. Fortunately, there are many poker cruise providers and you can take advantage of this to search for the best rates available ford the cruising. For US cruising destinations, you will find two well known providers of poker cruises. Royal Caribbean line offers poker player cruises and you can play poker games on the ship while sailing at the sea. When the ship reaches the port, poker room is normally shut down and live games are also available during the first night after serving of dinner.

Poker cruises are also offered for card player cruises and are mostly availed by Royal Caribbean and Holland America lines. Cruises can be booked to the Hawaii, Caribbean or Alaska and great poker playing events are offered on board. The packages of poker cruises usually vary depending on amenities available in the ship, length of cruise and ports of call. Nonetheless, you can expect that such poker cruises will offer nothing but the best as there is quite a lot to do and enjoy while on board. Whether you opt to check out all the port of calls visited by the ship or not, the truth is that poker room remains closed anytime the ship is out of the sea.

Poker cruises also feature exciting on board activities such as ice skating, themed lounges and bars, rock climbing, miniature golf and golf simulators, fitness centers, swimming pools and basket ball. For you to play in poker room during the cruise, you must make your reservation through the provider of poker such as card player cruises or poker player. If really helps to have an idea of playing poker otherwise you might miss out on the great fun that comes with it. However, poker cruises also hold beginner cruises and you can take advantage of them as well. There are several poker tournaments offered in every cruise are such tournaments are in most cases No- Limit Texas Hold’em.