Learn English Stud Poker

English stud entails a mixture of stud poker and draw poker. These draws are all used in the course of gaming and that is the reason why you cannot overlook the fun brought alongside this game. Because of this combination, this game allows players to receive as many as ten cards. Consequently, there is a possibility of running out of cards if more than five people are playing the game. Nevertheless, many dealers allow up to six people to play on this game because six is the most convenient number of players. However, as little as three players can still enjoy the game.

How to play

Before the cards are dealt on English stud, players first ante up. This is to mean that every player will have to place some little money in the pot to mark the beginning. The dealer thereafter issues each player with two cards face down and one face up. Next follows a session of betting starting with the player sitting on the left of the dealer. This game provides players with three choices to make:

  1. A player on English stud poker can stay in the game by adhering to the amount set by the group. This move in pokier is known as calling
  2. A player can stay in the game by raising the current betting amount in an attempt to make other players to raise their bets as well. Players commonly employ this move known as rising if they want to increase money in the pot.
  3. Finally, the player can decide to fold. This means that a player is no longer willing to play. Players who fold cannot play the current game anymore meaning they cannot win the pot.

After the betting is completed, each player is issued with the fourth card, this time face up. The game allows yet another card to be issued to players even after the fourth one has been dealt. This fifth card on English stud however is issued after another betting is conducted and it is dealt face up. Next, there is the draw where each player is allowed to discard a single card in exchange for a new one.

This process is not mandatory and in fact, it is only meant for those players who think they are in possession of an ace card. If a player discards a card face down, he or she will be replaced the card face down, if however the card is discarded upward, the new card will be given face up. The conclusion of this draw attracts yet another betting and the players go through the routinely betting process with the three options in place.

After this, players are issued with the sixth card in face up mode. Thereafter there is another draw and another round of betting is conducted again in the same manners as before. Again, the players are issued with the seventh card but this time dealt facedown. At this instance now, all players who are still in the show are allowed to show off their cards. The winner of the English stud pot is the one with the best five-card poker hand.