Crapless Craps Game

Crapless Craps is an easy to play casino but in order to get the best out this, it really helps a lot if you know the basics of playing the standard craps. The initial roll of a dice in Crapless craps can instantly produce a winner with the seven. However, this isn’t the normal eleven totals on two dice of the pass line. Just in case the player rolls eleven in the game, this becomes a point of pass line. And just as the name in this implies, it is indeed Crapless meaning that the first roll with a total of 2, 3 or 12 doesn’t really signal any loss on pass line. Rather, the totals are deemed to be the point of pass line.

One of the things you should note in Crapless Craps is odd bets. This game basically has 4 new points that you can make which include 2, 3, 11 and 12. The casino will usually offer players free odds to play on those numbers. If you take odds on the pass line bet, it will pay 6: 1 on both 2 and 12. For both 3 and 11, Crapless Craps pays 3 to 1 on the wagered amount. There are some casinos which offer players 5x odds which usually make the games pass line bet. Nevertheless, there are other bets involved in Crapless Craps which the player should also know about.

Generally, most of the other bets available on Crapless Craps game are basically the same as those found on the standard casino crap games. However, this particular game usually allows the players to make their place bets on 2, 3, 11 as well as 12. Both the two and twelve usually pay odds of 11- 2 and the house edge in this case is 7.14 percent. On the other hand, the three and eleven normally pay odds of 11- 4 and the house have an edge of 6.25 %. Considering that this game is Crapless just as its name sounds , you will thus not come across things such as don’t come bet and don’t pass bet being offered in the game.

On a normal craps table, referring to the ‘outside numbers’ normally is normally a reference to 5, 9, 4 as well as 10. However, things are a little different when it comes to the Crapless Craps table as various numbers including 3, 11, 2 as well as 12 are also referred to as point numbers. Boxes for the numbers are available on the layout and are referred to as ‘The Extreme Outside’. As highlighted above, the basics of playing Crapless Craps are very similar to the traditional banker’s craps but the game has certain variations. The game usually has four additional new point numbers which include 2, 3, 11 and 12. Considering that the game is Crapless it is not possible for a player to lose on come out roll. However, you will also not win on eleventh automatically either.