Casino Matchbooks – Who Collects Them?

The act of collecting casino matchbooks has increasingly become very popular largely because it is an inexpensive and great hobby. In fact, you will be amazed to know that there are so many groups and clubs that engage in collection of matchbooks like Phillumenic Organization and American Matchover Collecting Club which are the two oldest in the world as well as Rathkamp Matchover Society. Another highly known group with a large number of matchbook collectors is the famous CC>CC who majorly emphasize on casino matches. Casino matchbooks and matches are very popular collectibles today largely due to the fact that each one of them is a representation of a casino that is completely different from the other.

Enthusiastic collectors normally find different matchbooks and matches from restaurants located in the casinos. Each of these usually holds special and treasured memories from various casino gambling events and meals. While every other person has his own and unique reason for collecting these matchbooks, one of the things that remains clear is that they are highly inexpensive collectables. In fact, it is needless to say that matchbooks are offered free of charge in casinos. Some of the best covers of these matchbooks are a depiction of some special and unique aspects of the club of collectors. They are also used as a medium of advertisement where the catch phrase or trademark logo of the casino is shown.

Famous sayings on casino matchbooks are some of the things that most collectors look for in these matchbooks. There are some matchbook collectors who simply like having the matches just in their initial state and will save them after folding where the unused matches are placed inside. Still, there are some other collectors who prefer carefully removing matches on the matchbooks and this makes it much easier to flatten the booklets out and the two sides can easily be viewed at once. Most of the timeless covers dating between 1940 and 1960’s have the printing made on inside part of the cover. Even though most collectors do not save something that they don’t get free of charge at the casino, some collectors are more interested with historical aspect associated with the older covers. In this case, it goes without saying that matches obtained from the closed gambling houses are worth more and a matchbook will cost a little more than others. The prices of most casino matchbooks are nevertheless governed by their popularity and rarity.

The matchbook prices are also determined by the specific casino where it is obtained from and in this regard, you can expect a price difference from a matchbook obtained from Las Vegas Hotel Sahara and one from Lucky Strike Club. One of the places where casino matchbook collectors get these items from is ebay especially for the small collections. Items available at the site are sold at an incredibly cheap price and the best part is that they are easily available. Keep in mind that matchbooks collected with the fancy, more valuable covers are flammable and should be stored well and with great care.