Casino Concierge Host

In a casino hotel or room, there are varied job opportunities that are offered. One of those prestigious positions is that of a casino concierge host. This is an individual that is concerned with taking care of special guests at the casino and ensuring that they are comfortable. There is a special desk that this special casino staff always sits at, from where he or she can easily accessed by the esteemed guests. This job opportunity is only available to the selected casino rooms with concierge levels since not all casinos offer this service. Normally, the concierge rooms are located apart from the rest of the rooms and can even cover the entire upper floor.

There are several duties that a casino concierge normally performs. For instance, it is his responsibility to organize for executive bedding and special dishes for the guests. Moreover, in certain casinos, these personnel can be tasked to ensure the presence of coffee maker, blow dryer, ironing board and even a daily newspaper for every room occupied by executive casino guests. These are offered throughout the day and therefore someone who does this kind of job must always be available and within reach of the guests.

The main of having a casino concierge host within a casino is to create extra income from VIP’s. To retain these visitors therefore, this person needs to be a patient person with quality customer care services and one who is always ready to work under orders, regardless of the time of the day. It therefore requires someone with vast experience in handling reputable clients. Normally, the employment is based on experience and someone who has been a casino concierge host in other recognized casinos is likely to be considered. Moreover, for one who is perfect in handling special guests, you can be guaranteed tipping, ensuring that you earn extra cash.

The average earning of someone in this position is estimated at nine American dollars per hour, excluding other special tipping and extra income that often come along. This makes it a very lucrative job as compared to other rest of the dockets offered in a casino. However, it is of importance to that it comes along with a lot of sacrifice and is therefore not fit for the faint hearted. For example, you need to deliver all the requirements of the special guests the moment an urgent t call is made, without considering the time of the day.

Since most of the guests who seek for concierge services in a casino are rich and widely travelled, a casino concierge host must always be equipped with vast knowledge on how to arrange for tickets and entry to some of the main tourists sites around that casino. Moreover, you should be well informed of the current events taking place within that town as these guests might not likely stay indoors for the period that they are in the casino lounges. The most vital however, is the knowledge of all the property and special services offered at that casino since the guests might want to have knowledge on that before checking in.