Arizona State Poker Championship

Arizona State Poker Championship is an annual event held in every August in Scottsdale at Talking Stick Resort. Built in 2009, Talking Stock is one of the newest casino resorts in Arizona located at the intersection of Indian Bend Road and Highway 101 and it is adjacent to Talking Stick Golf Course. The property used to have two big tents which housed the casino. For the past 15 years, poker has become considerably popular in Arizona and poker plays have increased tremendously even after table games such as blackjack were allowed in full save American Native casinos in 2003. Currently, Arizona allows different types of non- raked games even though the legality of certain tournaments and game types has remained questionable.

The poker root at Talking Stick Resort has 54 tables, most of which are always in use during the day throughout the entire week. The poker room is usually filled to its capacity during the weekends. Even though the poker room features large screen TV’s in its high ceilings, the center of the poker room has a new arena styled poker room. Arizona doesn’t allow sports betting. Poker games mostly offered during Arizona State Poker Championship include Omaha Eight and Texas Hold’em. Since the gaming statutes in Arizona allow a maximum bet of $500, pot limit and no limit poker games are thus not played during Arizona State Poker Championship or at any other day at the resort. You can find seven card stud games with low limits.

The poker room at the resort also has its own unique kitchen that serves the best traditional meals whether it is dinner or breakfast alongside excellent Asian dishes. In addition, you will also find a full bar. Guests coming for the Arizona State Poker Championship are accommodated at the hotel tower with 497 rooms and tournament players get special poker accommodation rates. The Arizona State Poker Championship was first held in 2005 and every year since then, it has been attended by almost 1000 poker players. June 1 marks the start of single table qualifiers before the tournament kicks off. The tournament runs for a period of about five days.

Considering that Arizona State Poker Championship is attended by very many players, Day 1 usually runs for three days and players eliminated during this period can reenter the tournament on the following days. Even though the championship isn’t billed as one of the deep stack tournaments, every player starts with tournament chips of $15 000 and a staff appreciation cost of $30 for extra $10000. NO Limit Texas Hold’em tournament usually starts with 45 min rounds and no antes. The fourth day is for playing the semi finals and on the last day/ fifth day, finals are held to determine the champion. First place gets a champion bracelet and a trophy. Both second and third place will also get a trophy each and monetary prizes are also offered for the finishes as well. You can get more info about the upcoming Arizona State Poker Championship if you are interested in attending.